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Confidence is not about never showing your weaknesses. It's something you feel because you are at peace with the person you've become. Confidence is knowing that your actions align with your beliefs and that you control your reaction to every situation. I will show you the practical steps that I took in my life to own my weaknesses. We'll discuss how positivity, self-awareness, and vulnerability can give you the courage you need to face the fears that are ultimately holding you back from your dreams. 


We live in a time period where followers and likes can seem to be rock-solid proof of a person’s self-worth. Therefore, it’s never been easier to get lost in comparing ourselves to the people we see on social media. We often look externally to determine who is living a more valuable life. In 2018, I discovered minimalism which introduced me to the idea of living an intentional life without comparing my current situation to someone else’s highlight reel on social media. This is where we’ll dive into your ability to be present with those around you and have gratitude for where we you are today. 


Happiness. This is the ultimate goal, right? Let's stop chasing it and start BEING it. I've learned over the course of my self-growth journey that we have the ability to manifest our future and that starts in our own thoughts. I'll be introducing you to the concept of reframing in order to live a life of abundance and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone along the way.  


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Discover Your Happiness is a 90-day mindfulness coaching program. I'll show you how to build confidence by aligning your actions with your beliefs and deepening your awareness of how you view yourself in the light of others to beat the comparison trap. If you want to stop living a life determined by external factors and you want to define your own definition of happiness, this is the program for you!

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