​Welcome to MIND MADE SIMPLE. 


My name is Shannon Minnis, I am a 23-year-old on a journey of self-discovery. I grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia with my parents and four siblings. 

Within the last two year, I made a decision to find myself and get to the core of my purpose in life. In 2018, I discovered minimalism which introduced me to intentional living. I now live a balanced lifestyle both physically and mentally. The purpose of Mind Made Simple is to provide you with the knowledge I've gained along my journey to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of YOU. 

Please tune into my blog for a look into my fun-loving-people-pleasing personality and the chaotic life that I choose to live. I have a heart that operates on seeking internal happiness and spreading that to the people around me. Join me as I share my story with the world.

Stay tuned (:

​Shannon M. Minnis


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